I Can’t Wait…

I am looking forward to many things, such as….high school, driving, for COVID to go away, have fun with my friends and not be worried if I’m going to get sick. I can simply go on and on about things I’m looking forward to. Covid took away our chances of having fun last year, and now we’re going to try and get those opportunities that we didn’t have last back.

I want to be able to see my family in person, rather than through a screen. It’s funny how we a wanted a break from going to school, but now we’re a wanting to go back. Or we loved being on technology rather than doing our work, but now homework is our main priority. MOST of our grades have had a large decrease, and it’s starting to show. We’ve ALL been stressing out about things we shouldn’t. We should be able to live our lives without being scared.

I want to be able to think about my future and not wonder if I wi have one or not. I want to be able experience high school in person rather than learning through a screen. My friends and I have been waiting to join high school together, but a that can change. I want to make new friends and expand my knowledge around the world. I just want to be alive after all of this.

Written by Clarissa


  1. This is just so relatable it’s just sad that we can’t experience our teenage years and school years. Anyway I loved your writing it was nice and detailed. I think you have an amazing vocabulary. Great job.👏🏻

  2. I agree with this cant wait till COVID is over, because COVID is the responsible for us having a drive thru promotion

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