Looks like covid is going away soon which means everything will be opening up again soon. With everything going back to normal, more traveling, booking hotel rooms, going to restaurants will the prices be going up to get the money they have lost during covid. Gas has already increased their prices since summer is coming more people are traveling and to recover from the beginning of covid. For what I know now most hotels are still the same price for booking one room and for food, but what if they change this summer. Most common places like the grocery store, clothing stores will be staying the same prices.

Will theme parks also strat increasing their prices as well? For now we haven’t seen any changes to the prices to any theme park but in California the only people allowed to buy tickets are for California residents only. No one on the internet has said anything about the food they sell inside the theme park have increased or lowered the prices, some do say that the clothing and accessories did increase a bit. Do to covid the only rides that are open are outdoor rides or rides with an outside queue but if you were planning to go on your favorite indoor ride at a Disney theme park I wouldn’t get my hopes up. Booking at a theme parks hotel already cost a whole lot of money but food probably had increased since no one went to any theme parks in a little over a year so do expect charging a little extra for a meal. People are too excited to go to a theme park where tickets are selling fast and are becoming more and more normal but still following the covid restrictions. Therefore theme parks would stay the same with the prices and rides but probably will start making things a little more expensive.

Everyone is excited to get out of work, school or whatever you have going on, they just wanna travel somewhere to make them forget last summer and just forget covid in general. Traveling seems fun and is fun just to be on the beach with your friends or family, going to a different state and more until, you guessed it right the plane is booked, the airport is packed, tickets are way too expensive and your next plane isn’t until the next day. There is so much going wrong since everyone got their vaccines, they have their mask on, some people even quarantine before going, but they want to get to the same location as you with their entire family. But think positive if you go now you have about 2 weeks at the beach and have only 1 day of going through the airport again. Will prices go higher in different states we don’t know until we see but just except your gas to be a little more expensive then has at home.

Written by Anahi

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