Dead Man Walking

It Was a Good Day I like this song because it reminds me of my dad. He would play this songwhen he would barbecue and also when we would drive literally anywhere lol.

My Boo This song is like a core memory in my brain. Every time my mom would clean thehouse (more specifically the kitchen) she would play this song, so I always heard it echo fromthe kitchen to my room.Whatcha Say: I had an iPod when I was smaller, and I would always play this song. It’s just afast beat-happy-kind of party song and I know most of the words to it, so I still play all the time.

Down This is also a song my dad would play every time we got in the car. He played this songwhen I was very very little, so once I got a little older and wanted to hear it again I didn’t knowwhat it was called and forgot how it went. A few years ago I heard it again and now I play itevery so often. But this song was seriously my childhood.

Smells Like Teen Spirit When I was younger, I remember going into my older cousins room andhim playing this song. I remember him telling me that this song was currently his favorite and Ialso remember going back home and listening to the song on repeat. I enjoyed the beat thenand I still enjoy the beat now.

Runaway I just recently started listening to a lot of Kanye’s music again, and runaway is myfavorite out of all of them. When I first listened to it I hated the piano keys because I thought they were so off and not timed in a nice way, and would always skip the song because of that, then I finally listened past that and really enjoyed the lyrics and the beat in the background.

Young and Beautiful I recently listened to this song again and it’s currently one of my favorites. I just feel like Lana Del Rey has a really relaxing and beautiful voice. This song in particular, I findreally calming and addicting (I keep coming back to it and listening to it at least once a day.Everyday.) I also love the lyrics and the piano in the background.

See You Again Tyler, The Creator is my favorite artist and I also really like Kali Uchis so I immediately liked this song, but I also really liked their voices in this song and the beat is also *chefs kiss*. This song is engraved in my memory and I know every single lyric because of howmany times I listened to it once it came out and still do.

505 I love the Arctic Monkeys and I’d say that this is my favorite song of theirs. I love that this isvery upbeat and exciting. I also love that towards the middle, the kind of random yell sort of loudsinging that’s just a lot louder than the rest of the song with the guitar, right after it was a softkind of low beat and guitar.

Dead Man Walking I really enjoy Brent Faiyaz’s music, this is my favorite song of his. I really like the lyrics and the beat throughout the whole song but I feel like the beginning is the calmest and most relaxing as well as the end of the song. I also enjoy how the end and beginning of thesong are kind of dragged out and you are able to listen and enjoy the beat for a little bit.

Written by Kitana


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