Surreal and Peaceful

These songs just hit differently. Music is like my way to escape because I’m very stressed most of the time, so when these songs come on they just make me happy. I like to sing along to them, IDK it’s just nice. Well Pycthar Cyka and TRRST are from the same artist. They are one of my favorite artists, they make Russian songs. They hit hard. I like the fact that the beat drops. I think they should be more popular because they have really good songs.

Shinzou Wo Sasageyo is from one of the best anime’s. It is called Attack on Titan its the opening song and the name is my favorite part of the song but you only would know if you watch the anime but its still good even if you didn’t watch the anime. Unravel is an opening for an anime called Tokyo Ghoul. It’s a really good one but I haven’t got a chance to watch it yet. But I do plan to watch it, it looks cool. Yes I know it’s in Japanese but, eventually you can just sing it even if you don’t know how to speak Japanese.

Ghost is a song that I heard on Tik Tok. It is a good song and it is easy to sing along with and has a beat that is easy to vibe with. It is just a good song that is not too long.

King for a Day is from a band called Pierce the Veil that I heard on Tik Tok and so i checked them out and I am not disappointed. The album it’s from is my favorite so far, but i like all their music.

HAHA is a not here head banger. I like to listen on full volume. It’s not a good idea but I don’t make good decisions but still it is good when it’s not on full volume, so i would recommend it to other people.

TRRST is the same thing as Pycthar Cyka. I’ve got a bone is based on a video game (Minecraft) and it is very good.

The video game and the song Can You Feel My Heart is my favorite song of all time, I like to listen to this song. as I do a back flop on a trampoline. It is so cool it feels like you are falling. it is so peaceful when you do it, I put in both earphones and turn the volume on the max it is so surreal and peaceful, it’s nice to escape for a little bit.

Written by Hayden

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