1. Verbatim This is one of my favorite songs because it gives off cool vibes and I just like the beats and I personally love the band

2. O children This one is my favorite because it reminds me of Harry Potter the deathly hallows movie and it’s just so sentimental and a good hit

3. Wait a minute is also a good hit but mostly listen to this song because I love dancing to it and it’s a song that doesn’t make sense but that’s the whole reason

4. High enough is a song that just hits different. I love it so much I have the whole song stuck in head because of the beats and the vibe bust mostly the lyrics

5. 505 I love this song because of the beat drop in the middle of the songs and because it’s been my favorite song since I got addicted to Harry Potter and I just love the lyrics and it’s so addicting to listen to

6. …Issues yes the name sounds weird but in reality a lot of people have it and I love this song because I’m in Love with a fictional character that has daddy issues and this song reminds me of him

7. Just the Two Of Us this song is in my top 10 because like I said I’m in love with multiple fictional character but this one reminds me of Fred Weasley mostly because of the slow instrumental throughout the song

8. Why’d You Only Call Me… This song is popular right now but the song is in my top ten because it’s also so addicting and I love the Arctic monkeys they make so many good songs

9. I Can’t Decide this song might be weird but it’s also cool to me and personally I don’t really like music that’s popular or going viral I like music that just is cool to listen to which is this song and it’s addicting

10. I Can’t Handle Change this song is my top favorite of all times because I’ve been listening to this song for the longest and every time I hear it I become more in love with it from the lyrics to the spacing of the beats

Written by Anahi


  1. Verbatim, Wait a Minute and Why’d you only call me when you’re high are all good songs!

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