Sports Are A Life Style

I can’t imagine what it would be like without sports. Sports are extremely relavent. Sports are a life style. Kids grow up watching sports, then wanting to play them, then actually playing them. They become a huge deal when you get to junior high, high school, college and professional level. I’m currently not playing any sports, but it’s something that I’m into and enjoy. I like watching several sports. I’m especially a fan of basketball and watching the Lakers win their games and championships. It’s been so different with COVID where people can’t attend gamesand cheer on their teams. I hope sometime soon we can get back to that and to the way things were.

Written by Kitana

Whenever I think of sports the first thing that comes to mind is my time swimming competitively, or watching basketball. I don’t mean to sound big headed but I think I’m pretty decent at swimming. I have a lot of ribbons from when I was 4 years old, up until 2020 when COVID hit the United States and my practices and swim meets were cancelled. Since then my practices have restarted.

Written by Ethan

Athletics to me means any form of physical sports, exercises, andgames. Such as volleyball, soccer, basketball, tag, yoga, Zumba, etc. I’m not the biggest fan of sports…but why lie. I do enjoy playing sometimes andwatching games with my family. Usually we watch soccer games. I enjoyplaying volleyball and soccer, but I’m not in any teams and all that. Now Iwouldn’t say I’m the apathetic type for sports but sometimes if I feel tired Ican be. Anywho back to the sports I enjoy. First of all soccer would have to be one of my favorite sports, and as a kid I enjoyed watching my brother play thinking he looked like a professional and all. I even wanted to grow upand be like him. I never joined any team though I still would like to. I even tried out for the school soccer team. I may not be the most “trained” but I’m still quite good. I also know some soccer teams like “Club America, Chivas, Barcelona, Real Madrid, Manchester United, etc.” Then volleyball, this is a sport I started liking when I got older. Haven’t joined a team either but I hope I will when this pandemic is over. If you’ve watched Haikyuu, an anime series, itwas something that got me more eager in volleyball. Though I’m not the biggest fan of working out because then I’m sore the next day, playing actually gets me to do it. I watch some games here and there but I’m not a fan of any yet. I also recently taught myself my positions, the names of the hits and passes. I workout sometimes like running, pushups, jumping jacks, squats, and more. If i would have to choose between volleyball and soccer, I would leave you on read and not respond. Possibly because I love and like both exactly the same.

Written by Anabel

What athletics means to me is someone that works hard and practices and focuses on a sport. It also means to me that theylike that sport or just think it’s fun. When i think of sports I don’t think of myself i think about the basics like football, baseball, basketball, and soccer. I don’t necessarily watch sports but when it’s like a Dodgers game I will watch it with my dad and sometimes before the pandemic my family and I would go to the games in LA. I do find sports boring in my opinion because in ever understand and it just doesn’t get my attention to sit down and watch.

Written by Anahi

I was four when I started playing sports. I played soccer, basketball, and softball. My favorite sport has been soccer. It was fun because I got to play with my cousins and I traveled to play games. I stopped playing because I joined dance that took up most of my time and I did not have time for soccer. One thing I miss about soccer is hanging out with my friends but I love dancing.

Written by Miley

What being athletic means to me is getting out of the house to spend time with family and friends, playing some type of sports and having a good time. When I think about sports I do think of myself as an athlete who plays sports. When I play sports I can sometimes use it as a way to cope with whatever is bothering me at the time and clear my mind. I think of myself as an athlete because I like to learn how to play sports that I’ve never played before and also challenge myself to new limits. I am not a big fan of watching sports on TV because I rather be playing them, but the only sport I do watch is football. I do not believe that I am apathetic to sports because I like playing them and I have teams I prefer.

Written by Yazmine

I play volleyball! It’s really fun and I’m committed to it! I know a few people that don’t think it’s a sport! That’s crazy! It’s a game where either girls or boys can play it. There are clubs of volleyball, a lot actually. When you’re in a volleyball club you have to be fully committed, because there are girls/boys on your team that are doing club to get a scholarship to colleges! During that period your coach basically tells you what you can and can’t do, like most of thetime they say you have to be in bed by a certain time, or you can’t go out to party’s! Most of the girls/boys don’t care they still do volleyball, but also a lot of people do not like that thecoach does that! To be honest I don’t really care. I still do volleyball. It doesn’t bother me! You travel a lot to different places, like LA, and etc. You have tournaments on the weekends, very rarely you go on a week day! I definitely recommend at least trying to play volleyball! A lot of people enjoy it!

Written by Madison


1. Verbatim This is one of my favorite songs because it gives off cool vibes and I just like the beats and I personally love the band

2. O children This one is my favorite because it reminds me of Harry Potter the deathly hallows movie and it’s just so sentimental and a good hit

3. Wait a minute is also a good hit but mostly listen to this song because I love dancing to it and it’s a song that doesn’t make sense but that’s the whole reason

4. High enough is a song that just hits different. I love it so much I have the whole song stuck in head because of the beats and the vibe bust mostly the lyrics

5. 505 I love this song because of the beat drop in the middle of the songs and because it’s been my favorite song since I got addicted to Harry Potter and I just love the lyrics and it’s so addicting to listen to

6. …Issues yes the name sounds weird but in reality a lot of people have it and I love this song because I’m in Love with a fictional character that has daddy issues and this song reminds me of him

7. Just the Two Of Us this song is in my top 10 because like I said I’m in love with multiple fictional character but this one reminds me of Fred Weasley mostly because of the slow instrumental throughout the song

8. Why’d You Only Call Me… This song is popular right now but the song is in my top ten because it’s also so addicting and I love the Arctic monkeys they make so many good songs

9. I Can’t Decide this song might be weird but it’s also cool to me and personally I don’t really like music that’s popular or going viral I like music that just is cool to listen to which is this song and it’s addicting

10. I Can’t Handle Change this song is my top favorite of all times because I’ve been listening to this song for the longest and every time I hear it I become more in love with it from the lyrics to the spacing of the beats

Written by Anahi

Songs That Annoy My Brother

  1. I Spy by KYLE

I like this song because when I first heard it it got attention I guess.

  1. 34+35 by Ariana Grande

I like this song because when I heard it I was like “this has some good tunes” so ever since then I always listen to this song.

  1. Closer by The Chainsmokers 

I like this song because it’s a fun song to dance to.

  1. One day by Tate McRae 

I like this song because it’s about this girl who has a crush on this boy that she to scared to go up to him and finally she get the chance to go up to him.

  1. Pretty Girl by Maggie Lindemann

I like this song because it about this girl who wants to do things instead of just sitting there.

  1. I’m Gonna Show You Crazy by Bebe Rexha 

I like this song because it’s about this girl showing people crazy and crazy.

  1. Hallelujah by various artists

I like this song because it’s calming.

  1. Party Girl by StaySolidRocky 

I like this song because it’s about partying and I love partying.

  1. Cheerleader by Omi

I like this song because it annoys my brother.

  1. Billionaire by Travis McCoy 

I like this song because it’s about what he’ll want to do when he becomes a billionaire, and when ever I become a billionaire I’m going to play this song🤣😂.

Written by Hailey


This is torture. I’m going to go ahead and say right now that more than half of these are going to be Japanese and maybe Korean songs because I don’t see why not. I literally have 8+ hours worth of anime music on Spotify and I guess I have to choose 10.

10. PAiNT it BLACK by: BiSH (yes it’s actually spelt like that)

This song.. idk it’s just a good song from black clover, and it kinda just gets me in a good mood and has a pretty good beat to it. Most Japanese songs have good beats though because they are all upbeat and you can tell the artist really puts in the emotion. Even though this song is amazing, I’m putting it at my 10th because.. idk I felt like it. This was actually hard to put here because the black clover openings are all really good- so this was just because I felt like it.


Another pretty good song, I feel like most people won’t like the way it sounds or something but like I said it has a good beat to it and it’s catchy. Also it’s the anime opening of Erased which is a pretty good anime lol. This song for me is like.. calming and sort of upbeat as well, I honestly like it so at least it’s on this list.

8. Fuyu no hanashi (冬のはなし) by: Given

Pretty chill song and good enough to vibe to, also Given is a good anime- I usually listen to this song quite often when I’m playing video games or something like that. This song has a pretty good guitar player I think because I find that it focuses more on the guitar.

7. 午夜の待ち合わせ (Goya No Machiawase) by: Hello Sleepwalkers

Honestly- I did find this song a tiny bit annoying in the beginning as I was watching noragami, but then I grew onto liking it because it’s a good.. rock song idk there’s something about Japanese music that hits different- but I do actually now like this song because it’s catchy and it’s pretty good. Also I have no clue why but this song always makes me wanna run.. idk why

6. Crossing Field by: LiSA

This song is great, super catchy and always gets me in a really good mood and for some reason always in the mood to play genshin impact or any other game. Also makes me wanna run or like.. explore and that’s partially due to the fact that Sword Art Online was a good show.

5. Vital by: 遠藤正明

Once again this is another song I didn’t like at first but I really grew onto liking this song a lot after watching angels of death. They really do focus on the guitar on this song and I think it’s played very well, and honestly I do like this song a lot. However the anime was kinda debatable because the ending was odd but other than that I like this song and it stays at 5.

4. Reason Living by: SCREEN mode

I love bungou stray dogs so.. I’m putting this song on there, it’s like a mix of calming and.. I wanna say.. energetic for me. I honestly love this song and I love the anime even more- I like that this song is kinda nice to just vibe to and also makes me wanna play video games and I have no idea why- also it gives me motivation to do stuff. To be honest it was a tie between this song and the first opening for bungou stray dogs which is TRASH CANDY by: GRANRODEO idk why it’s in caps but whatever. Honestly I love both songs-

3. KaiKai Kitan (廻廻奇譚) by: Eve

THIS SONG- AHEJNDM very good I like it- I like the beat and it’s very uplifting, also puts me in the mood to run.. because all Japanese songs do that- idk why but whatever it’s a good song because the vocals and the beat itself goes very well, even with the weird like.. parts in the song lol I still like this song and it made its way to the top 3, oh and I forgot to say this is from jujutsu kaisen.

2. 紅蓮の弓矢 (Guren no Yumiya) by: Linked Horizon

Okay okay, I love this song so much and Attack on titan is great and highly recommended. As much as I love this song I also love Shinzo wo Sasageyo which is also by Linked Horizon and is another great attack on titan opening, these songs are honestly so like… upbeat and I wanna say.. hype >-> and as much as I love Shinzo wo Sasageyo I ended up putting this one on here because it deserves more attention than it has but I love both songs equally.

Departure! by: 小野正利 (masatoshi Ono)

Okay this was really hard because I have over 125+ songs just on my anime/Japanese playlist on Spotify and I had to choose 10, but I love this song. Mainly because me and my best friend are obsessed with Hunter x Hunter. This song is so upbeat and iconic, and even the voice actors made their own covers for the song, and they also actually have their own character songs which is cool. Anyways this song is just so good but in my opinion any of the songs listed or that didn’t get listed out of the 100+ I left out could have also been on here because they are all good songs.

Written by Natalie


Two Ghost by Harry Styles

I don’t have a reason why this is my favorite song, I just really like how it sounds. He never said what it’s about but people think it’sabout his relationship with Taylor Swift. Also, he had made a music video but didn’t release it because it was too personal.

Unf*@#witable by Zayn Malik

I really like Zayn’s voice in the song. It is from his new album Nobody is Listening. It’s a new song so theres not a lot of information about it or anything.

Two of us by Louis Tomlinson

He made the song for his mom who died of leukemia in 2016. I like how it sounds and what it’s about. He says “you’ll never know how much I miss you” and “The day they took you I wish it was me instead”. I think anyone who’s lost someone would connect to those lyrics.​

Flicker by Niall Horan

Flicker is in my top 10 because I really like the music in the back, his voice and the lyrics. Niall said it’s a really personal song to him and “it’s one of those songs were the room just goes.” He did his own acoustic guitar for the music and I think it sounds really good.

Just like You by Louis Tomlinson

I like the meaning of the song, it’s about event hough he’s a celebrity he had emotions like a normal person. In the song he says “Can I just be the same” It was around the time when One Direction went on a break and was getting a lot of hate and didn’t think he should make solo music. They were saying his son is fake because he wants his family private. They also said he’s only famous because of One Direction.

What makes you Beautiful by One Direction

I just like the song I have been listening to it since 2012. It gives me nostalgia and reminds me when I used to make my sister play it. It was there first music video and I just like the soind of it.

History by One Direction

History is in my top ten because I like the sound of itand the lyrics. It was in there last album before they took a break and the last music video they made. It’s about how they have a lot of history as a band and how theycan make it.

Fine Line by Harry Styles

I like the music and how it starts off slow and quietthen ends with high notes, orchestra, and loud. Its about a relationship that has aprice tag on it and how the girl is only pleased with the expenses. At first hessaying how she drives him crazy. On new years eve I started the song so when ithit midnight it said “we’ll be alright”

If I could Fly by One Direction

I just really like the song. A lot of people think it’s about Larry, a conspiracy theory that Louis Tomlinson and Harry Styles are dating. But they said it’s about showing that one person who they really are. I like the end when they each sing a different part in the song. “For your eyes only (Louis) Ill show you my heart (Niall) for when your lonely (Harry) and forget who you are (Liam)”

Good Years by Zayn

I just like the song. It’s about the struggles of being famous and how he got famous at a young age so he hopes he didn’t waste his good years “I pray to God I didn’t waste all my good years” He said all the fame and wealth I brought him isn’t worth all the pain he got from it. The fame gave him anxiety and got a ED.

Written by Taylor

Dead Man Walking

It Was a Good Day I like this song because it reminds me of my dad. He would play this songwhen he would barbecue and also when we would drive literally anywhere lol.

My Boo This song is like a core memory in my brain. Every time my mom would clean thehouse (more specifically the kitchen) she would play this song, so I always heard it echo fromthe kitchen to my room.Whatcha Say: I had an iPod when I was smaller, and I would always play this song. It’s just afast beat-happy-kind of party song and I know most of the words to it, so I still play all the time.

Down This is also a song my dad would play every time we got in the car. He played this songwhen I was very very little, so once I got a little older and wanted to hear it again I didn’t knowwhat it was called and forgot how it went. A few years ago I heard it again and now I play itevery so often. But this song was seriously my childhood.

Smells Like Teen Spirit When I was younger, I remember going into my older cousins room andhim playing this song. I remember him telling me that this song was currently his favorite and Ialso remember going back home and listening to the song on repeat. I enjoyed the beat thenand I still enjoy the beat now.

Runaway I just recently started listening to a lot of Kanye’s music again, and runaway is myfavorite out of all of them. When I first listened to it I hated the piano keys because I thought they were so off and not timed in a nice way, and would always skip the song because of that, then I finally listened past that and really enjoyed the lyrics and the beat in the background.

Young and Beautiful I recently listened to this song again and it’s currently one of my favorites. I just feel like Lana Del Rey has a really relaxing and beautiful voice. This song in particular, I findreally calming and addicting (I keep coming back to it and listening to it at least once a day.Everyday.) I also love the lyrics and the piano in the background.

See You Again Tyler, The Creator is my favorite artist and I also really like Kali Uchis so I immediately liked this song, but I also really liked their voices in this song and the beat is also *chefs kiss*. This song is engraved in my memory and I know every single lyric because of howmany times I listened to it once it came out and still do.

505 I love the Arctic Monkeys and I’d say that this is my favorite song of theirs. I love that this isvery upbeat and exciting. I also love that towards the middle, the kind of random yell sort of loudsinging that’s just a lot louder than the rest of the song with the guitar, right after it was a softkind of low beat and guitar.

Dead Man Walking I really enjoy Brent Faiyaz’s music, this is my favorite song of his. I really like the lyrics and the beat throughout the whole song but I feel like the beginning is the calmest and most relaxing as well as the end of the song. I also enjoy how the end and beginning of thesong are kind of dragged out and you are able to listen and enjoy the beat for a little bit.

Written by Kitana

Surreal and Peaceful

These songs just hit differently. Music is like my way to escape because I’m very stressed most of the time, so when these songs come on they just make me happy. I like to sing along to them, IDK it’s just nice. Well Pycthar Cyka and TRRST are from the same artist. They are one of my favorite artists, they make Russian songs. They hit hard. I like the fact that the beat drops. I think they should be more popular because they have really good songs.

Shinzou Wo Sasageyo is from one of the best anime’s. It is called Attack on Titan its the opening song and the name is my favorite part of the song but you only would know if you watch the anime but its still good even if you didn’t watch the anime. Unravel is an opening for an anime called Tokyo Ghoul. It’s a really good one but I haven’t got a chance to watch it yet. But I do plan to watch it, it looks cool. Yes I know it’s in Japanese but, eventually you can just sing it even if you don’t know how to speak Japanese.

Ghost is a song that I heard on Tik Tok. It is a good song and it is easy to sing along with and has a beat that is easy to vibe with. It is just a good song that is not too long.

King for a Day is from a band called Pierce the Veil that I heard on Tik Tok and so i checked them out and I am not disappointed. The album it’s from is my favorite so far, but i like all their music.

HAHA is a not here head banger. I like to listen on full volume. It’s not a good idea but I don’t make good decisions but still it is good when it’s not on full volume, so i would recommend it to other people.

TRRST is the same thing as Pycthar Cyka. I’ve got a bone is based on a video game (Minecraft) and it is very good.

The video game and the song Can You Feel My Heart is my favorite song of all time, I like to listen to this song. as I do a back flop on a trampoline. It is so cool it feels like you are falling. it is so peaceful when you do it, I put in both earphones and turn the volume on the max it is so surreal and peaceful, it’s nice to escape for a little bit.

Written by Hayden

I don’t practice Santeria, I ain’t got no crystal ball

Number Ten

Intergalactic by the Beastie Boys

Intergalactic is my 10th favorite song because I like the beat of the song. Also theBeastie boys have different voices then the other musicians from that time and I think that they’re voices are unique and I like them.

Number Nine

All Mixed Up by 311

I like All Mixed Up because I really like when they say one of the lines it gets stuck in my head for a few days. I find myself singing the song at weird times and I think it’s reallycatchy.

Number Eight

Jamming by Bob Marley

Jamming is number eight on this list because Bob Marley is my favorite singer. Also I really like the beginning of the song along with the rest of the song.

Number Seven

Bohemian Rhapsody By Queen

Bohemian Rhapsody is a great song because of the memories I have with my family singing that song. Also, I think the opera and the rock mixed together sounds really good.

Number Six

Santeria By Sublime

I am a fan of this song because I think the chorus of the song sounds good. Also, I really like the first two lines of the song.

Number Five

Lake of Fire By Nirvana

I really like this song because the beat of the song is great. Also, the guitar sounds really good. Another reason I like this song is because I think Kurt Cobain’s voice sounds good.

Number Four

What I Got By Sublime

What I Got is a good song because the guitar in the song sounds awesome. A differentreason I like this song is because the whole song is catchy.

Number Three

Back In The U.S.S.R. By The Beatles
My third favorite song is Back In The U.S.S.R. because I think they sang it really well. Also, The Beatles are my favorite band and the chorus sounds good too.

Number Two

Never Gonna Give You Up By Rick Astley

I love this song because of how it starts out, and Rick Astley’s voice is cool. Also, the chorus sounds good.

Number One

Twist And Shout By The Beatles

Twist and Shout is my favorite song because when they harmonize it sounds really good, also how they sing it really sounds good.

Written by Ethan


Snowman by Sia
This song just gives me a sense of comfort and it’s a really good song. The lyrics are also catchy…so yea. LMAO.

Para Que Regreses by El Chapo
Just one of my favorite Spanish songs, catchy as well. I just vibe with it, and you know just sometimes feel it.

Chuper Amigos by Jenni Rivera
Jenni is just a queen and her music is muahchefs kiss…viby and just gets me in a great mood. LOL.

Boy With Luv by BTS
bts just vibes all the time. their songs are a bop, I just love vibing to them all the time. also just a great song in general.

Halo by Beyonce
This song reminds me I’m supported by my fam, and kinda wanna play it for my quince. LMAO. Just a great song and greats lyrics, I recommend.

Empire State of Mind by Alicia Keys
Reminds me never to give up on my dreams and just makes my bad memories fade away every time I listen to it. Also very catchy and

All I Want by Olivia Rodrigo A story and reminds me that some people may go behind your back and betray your trust but the real ones always stay with you. Lol. Just kinda gets me dancing and sometimes sad but it’s alright.

Truth hurts by Lizzo
Lizzo is a queen always makes me feel great about myself even if i get self conscious her music just calms me down. Also vibey and just gets me in a great mood.

Written by Anabel

Speaking Facts About Now

10. Forgot about Dre by Dr. Dre

I picked Forgot About Dre as my top 10 because the song is catchy but there are some reasons why it is. It’s a good song with a nice beat but It would have been nice if Eminem could say more verses. Another reason why it will get annoying after a while because they don’t say a lot, well Eminem didn’t but it’s a good song.

9. 1st of Tha Month by Bone Thugs-N-Harmony

I put 1st of Tha Month at 9th because of the words I can see doing every first of the month. Other things were the beat it was like a vibe-song… something you can put on full blast with the windows down. But I will be hard to hear over and over but the song is just catchy and they just tell a story that is interesting to hear.

8. Jump by Kriss Kross

Jump is a song by two kids about my age or near and just knowingwhat they did was legit. The flow is just good and they don’t mumble. They can sing andcan tell me that I could do the same but the song it’s just good in general the jump jumppart makes you just nod your head back and forth.

7. I’m a Thug by Trick Daddy

This song at the beginning is the best. The beginning just gets you ina good mood. The beat will just make you move your head. It’s in 7 place because Iknow some better ones but this is a top 7. I remember when I heard the song it was niceI could just listen to it all day.

6. Minds Playing Tricks on Me by Geto Boys

So the beat and the lyrics there are good , theymake the song good. The beat is like an old beat that should be in one of the car movies. The reason why it’s 6 it’s not because it’s trash it is one of the best but not a top5. The meaning of this song to me is just a stress free song that I use for work

5. I Rep that West by Ice Cube

I Rep that West is one of my favorite songs by Ice Cube. The reason why I pick this song other than Today Was A Good Day or You Know How We Do It is because this song tells his story in one song. He was rapping about why he did what he did over his young life and how a little can change you. He got out of high school and started to sell tapes with his group and then he blew up and his whole life changed. The song is number five because his story is great but the next ones I like even more.

4. Only God Can Judge Me by 2Pac

This song just hits differently. What I think he’s trying to say in this song is not to give up and don’t let people bring you down. Also he talks about the media and the stuff they say and they say stuff about him which is probably not true. I like this song because it lets me know that only one person can bring me down. I like this song, it is a good one.

3. Juicy by The Notorious B.I.G.

Juicy…this song is a story about his Notorious B.I.G.’s life and what happened. Of every song of his, there is one thing that we all like and it’s his flow. Just hearing this song I fall in love and just sing to it every time. The reason why its three is because every thing about this song is just good and I love it.

2. We Want Eazy by Eazy-E

The godfather of rap is one of the greatest artists and one of my favorite songs. This song just makes you move and his voice just makes the song better. This song and person I like the most but the song is a little bit too long but his parts are good. The words and the flow show why you are listening to the best DJ ever. Why number two? There is no story but this song is too good

Ill Mind of Hopsin 5 by Hopsin

My number one song — This song is just a man who speaks facts about now. He talks about people dropping and more. You need to listen to the song to believe this. It’s number one not because his flow or his beat but because he’s speaking about the truth of our generation. The song is 100 percent on point and I do recommend this song to others. Yes I do. They should see if this relates to you.

Written by Anthony