An American Insurrection

An Unprecedented Assault


On January 6, 2021 the United States Capitol Building was stormed by a mob of supporters of the president trying to change the results of the 2020 presidential election. Following these events the House of Representatives has decided to impeach him for a second time. The President was also banned from multiple social media platforms for encouraging the attack on the capitol. 

The events that took place at the capitol building  aren’t just being called a protest. Many people are referring to the events as a riot, domestic terrorism, etc. I feel this was more of a riot than an act of terrorism because the rioters caused chaos and their main goal was to disrupt the votes. 

One change I think needs to be made is even tighter security around all the important buildings (the White House, the capitol building, the Supreme Court, pentagon, etc). Another change that should be made is the impeachment of the president for supporting the siege. This event was totally unnecessary and could’ve been avoided if they had anticipated the possibility of this happening. This  will always be an important day in our history and won’t be forgotten. 

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Assault in the Capitol Building


I’m sure a lot of people are keeping up with all of the politics stuff. I don’t overly pay attention to it because now people are being rude, and just bad about it. I get it everyone can have a say in it but it doesn’t mean that you have to be rude to people. Last week at the Assault in the Capitol Building was just different! I didn’t care that they were having a protest, they wanted to say something that’s fine. Although it wasn’t right to start a riot. A police officer got shot because of these people! People died! They might have thought that nothing like that would happen, but it did! I wish that they just had a protest, but instead they decided to have a riot and try and go into the Capitol Building! I don’t like talking about politics!

Assault in the Capital


On January 6, 2021 a mob of Trump supporters attempted to overturn the2020 Presidential election. The riot led to an evacuation and lockdown ofthe Capitol and five deaths. The Trump supporters wanted to disrupt, delay and change the Electoral College vote count in Trump’s favor. The Trump supporters used rioting, vandalism, looting, assault, shootings, arson, tactics of terrorism, intimidation, intention to take hostages, kidnapped and even execute. So much damage happened to the Capitol that day. Five people died, 4 rioters and 1 police officer. There were over 100 injured. This situation scares me. Why would people think it’s okay to break andenter and harm people’s lives? I can only imagine how scared the people inside of the Capitol felt. The World needs to get on their knees and pray. People need to work together to make this World a better place, not a place to live in fear. I wish people would stay positive and be nice to one another. I understand that a lot of Americans are upset with President Trump not being reelected, but that doesn’t give anyone the right to do what they did. For me, I will turn to God in these scary times and pray.

An Unprecedented Assault


My thoughts on the unprecedented assault were, wow! Did that really just happen? I was so surprised and confused because it’s something that you would never think could or would happen in our capital. But it happened. When I heard the news it was hard to believe, I had so many questions about the assault like, why were there only a little bit of guards? Where was Donald Trump and did he incite the chaos? The incident was very disrespectful to our nation, whether you voted for Trump or Biden. I was not happy about the situation because I felt like Trump supporters went too far by becoming assaultive, aggressive, and violent without knowing the outcome of the election. Due to all the chaos people have lost their lives and many more are now going to prison for their part in the riot. Our nation has been divided for so long because of gender, color, race, politics and so much more. I might not agree with the president in office or their political views, but I do believe that people need to unite and start healing our nation.

January 6th


On January 6th, 2021, there was to be a peaceful protest at the US Capitol. It may havestarted well, but that didn’t last. The insurrection of the US Capitol is a dark day that willgo down in history. Regardless of what your political preference is, regardless ofwhether you are or voted for Biden or Trump, the outcome of that day is and will foreverbe known as terrifying. There is so much hate being spawned and it saddens me that it’s our home, in America, and worst of all, that it is being caused by Americans! No matter what your political views are, the insurrection that happened at the Capitol Building was wrong.


  1. I completely agree, not only were some security and police officers harmed but it was a total unnecessary move. I’m not entirely sure on why they thought that would help the votes change, but they did. Any who great description and love the wording. 10/10 *chefs kiss*

  2. Good job Ethan I also agree that the siege was totally unnecessary and could have been avoided

  3. I think what they wrote about what happened is so true because they went into so much detail and they got there facts, news people they go based off of peoples opinions or what people have to say about it. People should really think about what is the facts vs what is the fiction.

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