Sports Are A Life Style

I can’t imagine what it would be like without sports. Sports are extremely relavent. Sports are a life style. Kids grow up watching sports, then wanting to play them, then actually playing them. They become a huge deal when you get to junior high, high school, college and professional level. I’m currently not playing any sports, but it’s something that I’m into and enjoy. I like watching several sports. I’m especially a fan of basketball and watching the Lakers win their games and championships. It’s been so different with COVID where people can’t attend gamesand cheer on their teams. I hope sometime soon we can get back to that and to the way things were.

Written by Kitana

Whenever I think of sports the first thing that comes to mind is my time swimming competitively, or watching basketball. I don’t mean to sound big headed but I think I’m pretty decent at swimming. I have a lot of ribbons from when I was 4 years old, up until 2020 when COVID hit the United States and my practices and swim meets were cancelled. Since then my practices have restarted.

Written by Ethan

Athletics to me means any form of physical sports, exercises, andgames. Such as volleyball, soccer, basketball, tag, yoga, Zumba, etc. I’m not the biggest fan of sports…but why lie. I do enjoy playing sometimes andwatching games with my family. Usually we watch soccer games. I enjoyplaying volleyball and soccer, but I’m not in any teams and all that. Now Iwouldn’t say I’m the apathetic type for sports but sometimes if I feel tired Ican be. Anywho back to the sports I enjoy. First of all soccer would have to be one of my favorite sports, and as a kid I enjoyed watching my brother play thinking he looked like a professional and all. I even wanted to grow upand be like him. I never joined any team though I still would like to. I even tried out for the school soccer team. I may not be the most “trained” but I’m still quite good. I also know some soccer teams like “Club America, Chivas, Barcelona, Real Madrid, Manchester United, etc.” Then volleyball, this is a sport I started liking when I got older. Haven’t joined a team either but I hope I will when this pandemic is over. If you’ve watched Haikyuu, an anime series, itwas something that got me more eager in volleyball. Though I’m not the biggest fan of working out because then I’m sore the next day, playing actually gets me to do it. I watch some games here and there but I’m not a fan of any yet. I also recently taught myself my positions, the names of the hits and passes. I workout sometimes like running, pushups, jumping jacks, squats, and more. If i would have to choose between volleyball and soccer, I would leave you on read and not respond. Possibly because I love and like both exactly the same.

Written by Anabel

What athletics means to me is someone that works hard and practices and focuses on a sport. It also means to me that theylike that sport or just think it’s fun. When i think of sports I don’t think of myself i think about the basics like football, baseball, basketball, and soccer. I don’t necessarily watch sports but when it’s like a Dodgers game I will watch it with my dad and sometimes before the pandemic my family and I would go to the games in LA. I do find sports boring in my opinion because in ever understand and it just doesn’t get my attention to sit down and watch.

Written by Anahi

I was four when I started playing sports. I played soccer, basketball, and softball. My favorite sport has been soccer. It was fun because I got to play with my cousins and I traveled to play games. I stopped playing because I joined dance that took up most of my time and I did not have time for soccer. One thing I miss about soccer is hanging out with my friends but I love dancing.

Written by Miley

What being athletic means to me is getting out of the house to spend time with family and friends, playing some type of sports and having a good time. When I think about sports I do think of myself as an athlete who plays sports. When I play sports I can sometimes use it as a way to cope with whatever is bothering me at the time and clear my mind. I think of myself as an athlete because I like to learn how to play sports that I’ve never played before and also challenge myself to new limits. I am not a big fan of watching sports on TV because I rather be playing them, but the only sport I do watch is football. I do not believe that I am apathetic to sports because I like playing them and I have teams I prefer.

Written by Yazmine

I play volleyball! It’s really fun and I’m committed to it! I know a few people that don’t think it’s a sport! That’s crazy! It’s a game where either girls or boys can play it. There are clubs of volleyball, a lot actually. When you’re in a volleyball club you have to be fully committed, because there are girls/boys on your team that are doing club to get a scholarship to colleges! During that period your coach basically tells you what you can and can’t do, like most of thetime they say you have to be in bed by a certain time, or you can’t go out to party’s! Most of the girls/boys don’t care they still do volleyball, but also a lot of people do not like that thecoach does that! To be honest I don’t really care. I still do volleyball. It doesn’t bother me! You travel a lot to different places, like LA, and etc. You have tournaments on the weekends, very rarely you go on a week day! I definitely recommend at least trying to play volleyball! A lot of people enjoy it!

Written by Madison