Top 5 Movies

  1. ​Indiana Jones​​ and the Temple of Doom​: This is my fifth favorite movie because Harrison Ford is my favorite actor. Also, because there were some Star Wars references in there which I thought were great.
  2. Ford vs Ferrari​: Ford vs. Ferrari is my fourth favorite movie because there is some action in it and I like all the cars that are in the movie.
  3. E.T. is in my #3 spot because I get called that a lot because of my initials, also because my favorite genre is sci-fi, and finally because I’ve grown up watching it over and over.
  4. Avengers: Endgame is my second favorite movie because The Avengers defeat the enemy that has tormented them for so long. Also, everyone comes backfrom the void they were in when Thanos snapped in the previous movie which I think is a greatpart of the movie.
  5. Star Wars: Return of The Jedi​: This is my favorite movie because we finally get to see what Darth Vader looks like after falling into the lava on Mustafar, and the introduction of the very cute Ewoks.

Ethan is a middle schooler living in California’s Central Valley.