Drama or Tea

Today is the first entry, I’m not exactly sure what to talk about. So I’m just going to say how my quarantine is going as a teenager. First off, I don’t like distance learning that much, and that’s because I’m not the best online learner and I like in-person school better. My grades have been slipping a bit but I’m trying my best to raise them again. I am spending more time with my family so that’s good. As to friends we don’t talk as often as we used to and that’s because we don’t have “drama or tea’’ to talk about. I also think I’m going crazy now or something. Why you may ask. Well I started talking to myself like all the time in school, houses, stores, everywhere. LOL. It’s been an interesting year. What I can say right this moment I just hope it gets better. Until my next blog.

Anabel is a middle schooler living in California’s Central Valley.