Speaking Facts About Now

10. Forgot about Dre by Dr. Dre

I picked Forgot About Dre as my top 10 because the song is catchy but there are some reasons why it is. It’s a good song with a nice beat but It would have been nice if Eminem could say more verses. Another reason why it will get annoying after a while because they don’t say a lot, well Eminem didn’t but it’s a good song.

9. 1st of Tha Month by Bone Thugs-N-Harmony

I put 1st of Tha Month at 9th because of the words I can see doing every first of the month. Other things were the beat it was like a vibe-song… something you can put on full blast with the windows down. But I will be hard to hear over and over but the song is just catchy and they just tell a story that is interesting to hear.

8. Jump by Kriss Kross

Jump is a song by two kids about my age or near and just knowingwhat they did was legit. The flow is just good and they don’t mumble. They can sing andcan tell me that I could do the same but the song it’s just good in general the jump jumppart makes you just nod your head back and forth.

7. I’m a Thug by Trick Daddy

This song at the beginning is the best. The beginning just gets you ina good mood. The beat will just make you move your head. It’s in 7 place because Iknow some better ones but this is a top 7. I remember when I heard the song it was niceI could just listen to it all day.

6. Minds Playing Tricks on Me by Geto Boys

So the beat and the lyrics there are good , theymake the song good. The beat is like an old beat that should be in one of the car movies. The reason why it’s 6 it’s not because it’s trash it is one of the best but not a top5. The meaning of this song to me is just a stress free song that I use for work

5. I Rep that West by Ice Cube

I Rep that West is one of my favorite songs by Ice Cube. The reason why I pick this song other than Today Was A Good Day or You Know How We Do It is because this song tells his story in one song. He was rapping about why he did what he did over his young life and how a little can change you. He got out of high school and started to sell tapes with his group and then he blew up and his whole life changed. The song is number five because his story is great but the next ones I like even more.

4. Only God Can Judge Me by 2Pac

This song just hits differently. What I think he’s trying to say in this song is not to give up and don’t let people bring you down. Also he talks about the media and the stuff they say and they say stuff about him which is probably not true. I like this song because it lets me know that only one person can bring me down. I like this song, it is a good one.

3. Juicy by The Notorious B.I.G.

Juicy…this song is a story about his Notorious B.I.G.’s life and what happened. Of every song of his, there is one thing that we all like and it’s his flow. Just hearing this song I fall in love and just sing to it every time. The reason why its three is because every thing about this song is just good and I love it.

2. We Want Eazy by Eazy-E

The godfather of rap is one of the greatest artists and one of my favorite songs. This song just makes you move and his voice just makes the song better. This song and person I like the most but the song is a little bit too long but his parts are good. The words and the flow show why you are listening to the best DJ ever. Why number two? There is no story but this song is too good

Ill Mind of Hopsin 5 by Hopsin

My number one song — This song is just a man who speaks facts about now. He talks about people dropping and more. You need to listen to the song to believe this. It’s number one not because his flow or his beat but because he’s speaking about the truth of our generation. The song is 100 percent on point and I do recommend this song to others. Yes I do. They should see if this relates to you.

Written by Anthony