Two Ghost by Harry Styles

I don’t have a reason why this is my favorite song, I just really like how it sounds. He never said what it’s about but people think it’sabout his relationship with Taylor Swift. Also, he had made a music video but didn’t release it because it was too personal.

Unf*@#witable by Zayn Malik

I really like Zayn’s voice in the song. It is from his new album Nobody is Listening. It’s a new song so theres not a lot of information about it or anything.

Two of us by Louis Tomlinson

He made the song for his mom who died of leukemia in 2016. I like how it sounds and what it’s about. He says “you’ll never know how much I miss you” and “The day they took you I wish it was me instead”. I think anyone who’s lost someone would connect to those lyrics.​

Flicker by Niall Horan

Flicker is in my top 10 because I really like the music in the back, his voice and the lyrics. Niall said it’s a really personal song to him and “it’s one of those songs were the room just goes.” He did his own acoustic guitar for the music and I think it sounds really good.

Just like You by Louis Tomlinson

I like the meaning of the song, it’s about event hough he’s a celebrity he had emotions like a normal person. In the song he says “Can I just be the same” It was around the time when One Direction went on a break and was getting a lot of hate and didn’t think he should make solo music. They were saying his son is fake because he wants his family private. They also said he’s only famous because of One Direction.

What makes you Beautiful by One Direction

I just like the song I have been listening to it since 2012. It gives me nostalgia and reminds me when I used to make my sister play it. It was there first music video and I just like the soind of it.

History by One Direction

History is in my top ten because I like the sound of itand the lyrics. It was in there last album before they took a break and the last music video they made. It’s about how they have a lot of history as a band and how theycan make it.

Fine Line by Harry Styles

I like the music and how it starts off slow and quietthen ends with high notes, orchestra, and loud. Its about a relationship that has aprice tag on it and how the girl is only pleased with the expenses. At first hessaying how she drives him crazy. On new years eve I started the song so when ithit midnight it said “we’ll be alright”

If I could Fly by One Direction

I just really like the song. A lot of people think it’s about Larry, a conspiracy theory that Louis Tomlinson and Harry Styles are dating. But they said it’s about showing that one person who they really are. I like the end when they each sing a different part in the song. “For your eyes only (Louis) Ill show you my heart (Niall) for when your lonely (Harry) and forget who you are (Liam)”

Good Years by Zayn

I just like the song. It’s about the struggles of being famous and how he got famous at a young age so he hopes he didn’t waste his good years “I pray to God I didn’t waste all my good years” He said all the fame and wealth I brought him isn’t worth all the pain he got from it. The fame gave him anxiety and got a ED.

Written by Taylor